Put Bob Huggins In The Hall Of Fame Right This Second

Shout out Huggy Bear man. The dude just got 900 wins and somehow still isn't in the Hall of Fame. Shit, he wasn't even nominated. It makes no sense. The only thing missing on his resume is a title. The dude just wins every single year. He's turned WVU into a consistent program. It's a crime that he's not in the Hall of Fame. Hilarious celebration though. Immediately rubbing his hair. I swear Huggy is happy here

Bold move to fuck with Huggins hair. WVU showed why I keep falling in love with this team though. They aren't Press Virginia - again credit to Huggins here. He knew this team was suited to play uptempo, 4-out, 1-in with Culver and let McBride cook. They apply pressure but they aren't trapping and jumping like Jevon Carter. They overwhelm you then let McBride go on offense. They surround him with shooters like Sean McNeil and that's how they get there. It's why I keep thinking this is a team that should be in the Final Four, at least the Elite Eight. 

But this is about Huggins. He adapts all the time. He goes from ugly basketball to Press Virginia to a hi-lo with two bigs to this. 900 wins. Six coaches have done it. Put him in the Hall of Fame.