Light the tower baby!!!! I don't really know what that means, nor the origin of slurp on Scrappy's nuts, 



But I know I love both. And this North Texas team. What an awesome game. North Texas was relentless. They used the full 30 seconds on every possession, took Purdue's big guys mostly out of the game, and hit all the 3's when they needed to. And now me and Smitty are 1 win away (winner of Villanova vs Winthrop) from a bitcoin thanks to Blockfolio and #BarstoolBracketBlockers. 

Sunday is going to be SO STRESSFUL. The amount of money on the line is absurd. By the way, how do I properly hedge this? Let's say if I win on Sunday I get .25 BTC, that's about $14,000. What do I do? So much stress. 

Sunday should be huge. Tommy and Hubbs have Oral Roberts, Wisconsin, and Oregon State. Me n Smitty have North Texas. We need it. Let's go Mean Green!