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Liberty +7.5 Is The Reason Why The Term Bad Beat Is A Thing

First off Liberty was covering the entire game. There was a few seconds after Cade hit a 3 where Oklahoma State was up 9. Liberty scored right away. So like I said, they were covering the entire game. Then this? Liberty didn't foul. Okay, quick clock math says they'll still get a chance for a shot. All they have to do is rebound and go get a 'meaningless' layup. Pretty simple. We see it all the time. It happens all the time. Then we get mayhem. The rimmed out 3, the loose ball. The first three? Dude GO TO THE RIM. Play for the cover. Be a hero for some. Whatever, he missed perfectly. All 20 had to do was a simple layup. Then again, Liberty couldn't make a layup all night. Honestly, they completely fucked themselves with bunnies. What was that? That's the effort you put in at the buzzer? No wonder everyone makes fun of Liberty. You want to go back to that campus and not be allowed to have soda or coffee or any fun? At least go back a cover machine. 

I'm glad Oklahoma State won. I truly am. I'd prefer they won by 7, but I'm glad they won. I don't want Liberty advancing and I want Ayo vs Cade. Pretty simple stuff here. Cade was Cade even if he was inefficient. He still hit some dagger shots late. Avery Anderson had 21, quietly becoming a damn good second option for Oklahoma State. But a layup man. A simple layup.