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If You Don't Smile While Watching Trey Mancini Hit His First Homer Of The Spring You Have No Pulse

Exactly one year and a week after he was on an operating table having a cancerous tumor removed from his colon, Trey Mancini did what he does best, punishing baseballs deep into the night. If you don't smile just reading that sentence I don't want to know you. Trey hadn't sniffed an extra base hit yet, only singles this spring and as I tweeted the other day there is no reason for him to waste his home runs or extra base hits when the games don't count. Well I guess he got tired of having the goose egg in the homer category because we have lift off. He smoked that ball too, no doubt about it off the bat. Just a really cool moment for a guy who celebrated his 29th birthday on Thursday, is cancer free, and is back playing baseball. Already the best story in baseball this season and you can't change my mind. Comeback Player Of The Year is already locked up. 

All aboard the Trey Trey, CHOOO CHOOOO!