Oral Roberts Beats Ohio State

You gotta be kidding me. I had all the headlines ready to go.  But now I'm coming here with my tail between my legs. And all jokes aside, losing to a #15 seed? And Duane Washington had the most open look of ALL TIME of tie it up.  I'm over college basketball. Who cares about the covid season anyways?

And the worst part is, aside from being the biggest joke in college basketball, is that it sounds like Kyle Young was available to play today if we needed him. But we thought we were too good to get beat by Oral Roberts, so we saved him for Sunday. What a joke. Survive and advance. Play your best players. I'm not saying fire Coach Holtmann but also I'm saying it'd be nice if he got his head out of his butt.

I'm embarrassed. Oral Roberts tried their best to lose this game down the stretch, but unfortunately we tried even harder than them.  What a timeout at the end of regulation. For what?? We called a timeout and still looked like a rec team as the clock counted down. I cannot believe my degree counts the same as these players, because the end of this game was pathetic. I mean, Oral Roberts hasn't won a tournament game in 50 years. And they just came in and knocked off the #2 seed. 

Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Columbus who had the Buckeyes winning their bracket pools. But whatever. At the end of the day, I get to wake up tomorrow and get ready for another football season. Who cares about college basketball? This stuff is for the birds.

Who do we play Week 1 of football? Minnesota on the road? Coach Day, hang 100 on them and turn these frowns upside down. No one cares about college basketball anyways.