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Honestly We Deserve The Hell Out Of This Start To The NCAA Tournament

We're officially 7 games into the NCAA Tournament starting with the First Four last night. 6 of those we've seen a team down double digits come back and take a lead. Actually all those teams won except for App State. Fast forward to today and what do we have? First game of the day going to OT: 

Tre Mann was fucking awesome. The dude just knows how to go get his own bucket and had some major onions late

He finished with just 14 which won't pop out, but if you watched the game he was in control the entire time. Then he hit that shot to seal the game. Again, Virginia Tech never should have let Florida back in this game. They were already short-handed sitting out Omar Payne after his UFC attack on John Fulkerson in the SEC Tournament. Ty Appleby left the game today too. But Florida, thanks to Mann and Colin Castleton, fought back.

Then there was the Arkansas game 

Colgate had them dead to rights early. Arkansas was completely lost out there. It was actually bizarre. They weren't pushing tempo - something they should do against a Colgate team that only played 5 different teams all year. Then they did late in the first half, saw that 17-0 run and came out the second half again not pushing tempo. It was weird. 

However, this pass got them going in the second half: 

Free throws, hit a couple more shots, hit more free throws. Again, Arkansas was down nearly 20 points in the first half and won this game. They did it with Moses Moody, the big time freshman, really not doing much. He was in foul trouble in the first half, finished with just 12 points. Justin Smith, the transfer from IU, saved them going for 29. They finally realized they oculd just attack the rim and Colgate didn't really have an answer.

Shit, even in the Illinois blowout we had this pass by Curbelo

The point is we deserve this start. We've waited two years for the Tournament and the only 'bad' game we've gotten was No. 1 Illinois beating the shit out of a No. 16 Drexel. Texas Tech is currently in a close game with Utah State after Tech scored 13 straight. Something tells me this is what we're getting all Tournament.