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The Barstool Fund - Mobsters and Lobsters

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Mobsters and Lobsters is a one-of-a-kind trolley tour that takes you inside Boston’s storied, shadowy, sinister underbelly. The tour includes sites of historic heists, mobster hideaways and hangouts, and ‘old neighborhood’ locales shrouded in intrigue and mystery.



Reader Email

Hey Guys, We have applied before but didn't hear anything so we're not giving up. We need help. We are a family owned company, trying to push through to the end. The bills are adding up, and so is the stress. Our hearts and souls are in this company, and we just can't afford anymore loans. They want us to start paying it back in May, but we haven't operated in over a year. Mobsters and Lobsters has been around for going on 8 years now! My husband Tom, the owner, is born and raised in Boston. He's a career Local 7 Union Iron worker who left his job a few years ago to go full time with our company. He loves EVERYTHING Boston. From our sports teams, to every monument and building in the city. He is a hard working husband, dad, and friend. He is just about to celebrate 26 years of sobriety on 3/29, so this would be a dream come true. We sponsor local sports teams for kids, have done every birthday parade imaginable, and would do anything for anyone. We have out trolley, our garage, and the insurance. We can't stop payments on ANY of them, as we'll lose everything. Our garage is local, and the guy we rent from is struggling too. We are trying SO hard to rebrand now, and become more accessible to the public (weddings, concerts, bachelor parties, ANYTHING) but we're just scared we won't make it. We bought our trolley on 10/08/2019. Little did we know we wouldn't be able to use it for long. The pandemic hit and crippled us and our family. We gave it our blood, sweat, and tears, and now we are going to lose it if we can't catch up. We do trolley tours in Boston about the history of the Italian mafia and the Irish Mob, the history of Whitey Bulger, and the infamous crimes in the Boston area. We end at The Venezia Restaurant for a lobster dinner. (or alternate choice) It is crucial that we stay in business, as we help so many others in the community. We bring 500-1000 people into Venezia every year, we rent the garage from an amazing guy named John and his wife Rhonda. Please, check out our reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor. You'll see how passionate we are about our business. I know you're a Boston guy, Dave! PLEASE, we're begging for Barstool to hear us! Love you all. Viva.