Today, We Are All Mean Green


So today starts possibly the most important contest ever run in Barstool Sports history. It's called #BarstoolBracketBlockers and instead of winning a trip to Vegas to celebrate an elderly man's birthday, the prize for winning this year is a bitcoin. Fuck yes. 

For those who are unsure how this works- it's simple. Every 9-16 seed was drafted by a team of Barstool personalities. Me and my best pal Smitty selected the Conference USA champions University of North Texas.



The way the contest works is if your team makes it to the sweet 16, you win a bitcoin, split between the winners. So let's say 4 people advance, they each get .25 BTC, or about $15,000 which could be worth god knows how much one day. Blockfolio, your one stop shop for all things crypto investing, is not fucking around. 

So that's why we are rooting hard for the Mean Green of North Texas tonight. Let's take it one step at a time and beat Purdue tonight. Let's shut down their 7 footers, get hot shooting the 3, and make a miracle run to the Final 4. Let's put Smitty's kid through college. Let's go North Texas, one timeeeeeee.


Here's the full slate of games and who has what teams: