It Is Once Again Time For The Anaheim Ducks To Become America's Hockey Team

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If you were lucky enough to grow up in the 90s, then these two stallions right here will always hold a special place in your heart. You'd be hard pressed to find anybody who wasn't a fan of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim growing up. Between the sweaters, Selanne and Kariya, the movies, the Ducks were America's team. Even with so many people loving those Sakic and Forsberg Avalanche teams, you still probably have an entire city of Detroit who despise them. But who hated the Ducks? Nobody that mattered at least. 

But then something happened. Not only did Selanne and Kariya move on from Anaheim. Not only did Disney sell the team and end up changing the name from the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim to the Anaheim Ducks. It would be one thing if people just sort of became indifferent towards this organization. But during the prime Getzlaf and Perry years? And then Ryan Kesler joining them a little later? Well the Anaheim Ducks became so easy to hate. A team that was truly enjoyable to root against. And then over the past couple of seasons they've been a team that has just been so bad that you almost forget about at times. 

But the pendulum swings both ways, people. And right now it feels like the momentum has shifted. And it's all because of the kids. 

You've got Jamie Drysdale. The 6th overall pick in this past draft. Kid was just 1 year old when the Ducks were in the '03 Cup Final against New Jersey. Last night he made his NHL debut and what does he go out there and do? Nothing too big. Just kept it nice and light with his first career bingo. 

Then you've got Trevor Zegras. Good ol' American boy. Led Team USA to the promised land for a gold medal at the World Juniors in January. Made a mockery out of the AHL for a few games. Has been buzzing all over the ice during his time up with the Ducks so far this season. And then last night he wasn't going to let that horse Drysdale be the only rookie to pot home his first career goal. So he takes this sick dish from another American Hero Troy Terry for the first of his career. 

Great patience by Terry and then some of the silkiest mitts you'll see all week on Zegras. The kid is a stud. And with those back-to-back goals from Drysdale and Zegras, the Ducks came back from being down 2-0 to end up winning 3-2 in overtime. And the fact that they did it all while wearing the masked duck logo was chef's kiss

For. The. Kids. 


Now sure, the Ducks are still in last place in their division. This isn't like someone hopping on the Colorado Avalanche bandwagon or anything right now. But if you're looking to get in on the ground floor of an eventual rocket ship, it's time to start becoming more of an Anaheim Ducks fan. 

Quack quack quack.