Louis Riddick Once Won Daniel Snyder's Aston Martin After Beating Him In A Game Of Racquetball


You know what, credit where credit is due- this is the first, and I do mean the FIRST, Daniel Snyder story that I didn't hate. Seriously. I racked my brain for hours about it. I didn't sleep a wink last night. I was trying to come up with one good story I've ever heard about Lil Dan Dan and I came up with nothing. 

But then I realized why I like this story so much- Dan is so desperate to have friends, so desperate to be one of the cool kids, he literally had to give away an Aston Martin. I like it because Dan lost a $300,000 car, so that makes me feel good. He basically had to bribe Louis Riddick with one of the world's most expensive cars just to play him in racketball. Hysterical. "Please play me, I'll do anything, I'll give you my most prized possession, just hang out with me for 5 more minutes!". 

So even when Dan Snyder wins, he loses. He can't even play racquetball without losing a car. Just remember, even if you can afford the Aston Martin, it doesn't really mean much if you have nobody to ride around with. Imagine having a great car but no homies? That's one pathetic loser.