Out of Sick Bay

My five-day ordeal that started Saturday night ended Wednesday night as I was released from that torture chamber, Clara Maas Hospital. Wednesday was a day of playing the waiting game. What I needed to get out was a portable wound vac. I had a wound vac attached that had been anchored to my bed in the hospital. The wound vac places a sponge in a large open sore and sucks away puss and fluid to speed up the healing process. 

Doctors were in and out setting up the start of my aftercare as I waited and waited to be sprung. The day seemed to drag as I felt filthy, not having a shower or any type of cleaning while in the hospital. I guess sponge baths went the way of good hospital care. Paperwork and red tape seemed to slow the arrival of the equipment. It was initially to arrive by five. It did not get to the hospital until 7:30. 

When the wound vac arrived, the operator dropped it off and did not instruct the staff how to use it, and refused to come into my room. I was given several large boxes and a machine that took time to figure out how to attach. I was free to go, but the expected van ride from the hospital was not available. Fortunately, Justin Dolan, my raw dog cameraman who also took me to the hospital, was available to take me home. I got home and did my Allow Me 2 Be Frank podcast mere moments later.

Waking up at home, I had to arrange for the visiting nurse to change my vac. This is where I got a look at the crater in my leg. Yikes, that thing is big. I have a picture, but I think I will spare you from the horror. A sponge was placed in the hole, with triple sealing tape and hoses attached to the vac to create the best suction. I will need to do this twice a week. I will also need to go to the medical office next to the hospital on Friday to get an IV antibiotic. I will need to do this again in ten days.

Here I sit with my wound vac. It is portable but will take some time to get used to. Maybe if I am comfortable, I can see about getting back to the office at least once or twice in the next few weeks. It does not hurt much, but the knee feels restricted. Hopefully, soon I am back to 100% and ready to let my wings soar.