A Reminder That Jason Preston - The Best Mid-Major Player In The NCAA Tournament - Was A Blogger Then Posted His Own Highlights On Twitter For OU To Find Him

I mean what the hell else is there to say? Jason Preston went from playing on a prep school C team, averaging 2 points per game and planned on going to UCF as a regular student. Instead he posts his highlights on Twitter and gets a scholarship offer from Ohio. What's happened since then? 

Oh that's right, just turned into the best mid-major player in the NCAA Tournament. He's a legit NBA prospect. He's an All-MAC player. Ho-hum type shit. But then you find out there's even more to Preston. The dude was a blogger in high school because he didn't think he'd be able to play high level basketball at the time: 

The man was blogging. Wonder if he'd want to do a podcast together? Anyhwo, how can you not cheer for this guy? He went from posting his own shit on Twitter just to get some traction on highlights. He goes to OU and turns into this. That's what I love about the NCAA Tournament. Yes, people talked about him when he played Ayo to a 2 point game, but this is the national stage. It doesn't get bigger than this and everyone will know about Preston. 

Tomorrow he gets Virginia. Tune in. The kid is special.