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A Christian and Veteran owned company, Victory Transport makes it a priority to make sure each customer is treated with care and respect. They offer transportation for anyone needing a ride — and specialize in wheelchair transportation.



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We transport veterans, the elderly, disabled and nursing home patients in the San Antonio region to doctors appointments, dialysis treatments, hospital discharges, facility and residence transfers. Due to the Covid pandemic patient transfers have significantly diminished because of office closures and outpatient procedure cancellations. This has caused a great strain on our small business finances. We are dedicated to help people and want to continue our mission to help patients get to their doctors appointments and life saving procedures. Our business is a Veteran Owned and Christian faith based business. The business was doing very well, however, we have exhausted our life savings to maintain the business throughout the pandemic. This company is my families lively hood. My wife and I have two young daughters. Our entire team are Veterans and our patients love our drivers. We would appreciate any help to be able to keep our business running for the community and our employees to maintain gainful employment. Thank you for your consideration.