The Undertaker vs Sting Is The Best Match We Never Got To See

Now that I've got my own YouTube channel - please subscribe now - I've been digging back into the archives and re-editing some of my favorite interviews we've done as full length videos. 

One of the biggest no-brainers to upload was our discussion with The Undertaker from back in September, where we, among other things, talked about the dream match with Sting that never got to happen....

Jared: "Have there been any talks about finally making the Undertaker/Sting dream match happen now that cinematic matches are on the table as a possibility?"

Taker: "I think it's pretty much all said and done. It may be something that's like - what woulda happened if Ali fought Tyson? Being completely honest, at this point - it woulda been cool in the 90s, it even woulda been cool in the early 2000s - but there's a reason why 'The Last Ride' came about, you know? Although I have it [mentally] and I have it in my heart, my body doesn't cooperate with the other two factors."

Jared: "Did you have any conversations with Sting back in the 90s being like, 'Hey - what you're doing is pretty badass, what I'm doin is pretty badass, wouldn't it be cool if we got together?' Were there any conversations back then?'

Taker: "Not-a-one!"

Jared: "No?!"

Robbie: "You didn't even know him back then?!"

Taker: "No I knew him...."

You'll have to watch the interview to hear the rest. It's a good one, I promise. 

Discussion around the Sting match starts at 17:48

P.S. Some other dream matches we never got to see?

-Shawn Michaels vs The Rock

-Stone Cold vs CM Punk

-Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle

-Bret Hart vs Chris Jericho