Put On Your Brave Faces: Our Favorite TikTok Couple Is Getting A Divorce-- An Ode To Kat and Mike

Well, this divorce hit me like a ton of bricks. I woke up this morning feeling as right as rain. I checked my text messages and my wife sent me a link to this tiktok. Why would she do that? Why so early? She knows I love Kat and Mike like my own family. Well, not so much Mike. Kat is the real talent here. There's no question about that. But what happened to cause their separation?

I dont wanna speculate and think our beloved readers should refrain from speculating as well. I know it's tough but I dont wanna see people saying things like, "Clearly Mike cheated on her. He was threatened by her overwhelming success on social media and thought that taking the backseat to her stardom would make him look weak. So, he took that out on their family by cheating on her." Dont say that. You dont know it to be true. 

Also, dont say stuff like, "I think Mike is just jealous. He treated Kat poorly behind closed doors to make himself feel better. She's at a place now where she is confident and isn't going to be treated that way anymore. They rushed into marriage because Kat got pregnant. She was young, insecure, and scared about what could come her way but she knows now that she can handle anything." I'd just like to remind you that it's none of our business. 

Sure, we get roped in and love people we only know through the screens of our phones. They feel like they are apart of our lives but private moments can sometimes be played out in public when you publicly talk about our private lives. It's so sad. 

During this trying time for all of us, I'd like to focus on the good and not the bad. 

People will be talkin about Black Shorts now, Kat. Go get you some, girl!

"Chaps! Chaps! Are we just gonna ignore how they've been actin faker than Tommy's tan during Barstool Survivor? They acted like they were in such love. Even recently! We cant trust them!"

Ok. Ok. Show me one video in the last month where they were doing that and I'll buy it. 

Ok fair but you can also tell through the "things I love about my husband series" that there was some real issues behind the humor. Isnt that always the case. 

"Chaps! Before you close out the blog, dont you do this kinda thing with your wife? Just this morning you posted another Booger Platoon video. She seems actually mad."

It's so weird how you guys obsessed over extremely online peoples' relationships. I never feel attached to a couple like that. 

Anyway, I gotta go. We are having a conversation about Kat and Mike and what could have gone wrong on their Reddit fan page.