LSU Head Coach Will Wade Has Had Enough Of The Lying And Is Finally Standing Up To Dick Vitale, The Biggest Bully In America

Good for you Will! Good for you. Dick Vitale is nothing but a bully. Oh sure he might only have one good eye and he likes to scream about random things. But you know what else he does? Goes on air and just constantly talks about Sean Miller and Will Wade needing to be fired. Of course he's talking about the FBI investigation into the NCAA but here's what Dick forgets. There are other people involved. He hasn't said a thing about Self. He won't stop sucking Rick Pitino's dick. Doesn't mention anything with Creighton or Oklahoma State or anywhere else. He just goes after these two. Do I think LSU and Arizona likely paid players? Of course! Do I care? Absolutely not. Who gives a shit? You still have to go win games. I'm not going to sit on my high horse about some people getting paid money. I just don't give a flying fuck. 

Remember there's some history here with Dick Vitale and LSU: 

Of course Will Wade sounds like a fucking baby here, but at the same time I get it. Do you really want someone consistently on national TV - even calling your game - and all they do is talk about how you should be fired? I can't imagine if people consistently said I should be fired. No sir. Never once happened. So I get why Will Wade fucking hates Dickie V, I would too if I were him. Just some crazy old guy screaming about how I'm a cheater and the NCAA needs to speed up the process of getting me fired, while at the same time talking about how Pitino is vindicated. 

Dick Vitale, once the voice of college basketball and is now just America's biggest bully. Can't wait for him to put out a video on Twitter with it being completely sideways, half the people in it don't know that he's filming and rambling about how he didn't lie to Will Wade.