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Dwight Howard Wanted To Stone Cold Stunner Giannis Antetokounmpo For The Egregious Act Of Sitting Down After Hitting A Shot In OT

***Jordie's Disclaimer: Please make sure that there are no children around your phone or computer screen right now. What you are about to witness is graphic, obscene, and considered illegal in at least 43 states***

Oh my hecking god. Did he...did he just do what I think he did? Did Giannis just SIT on the COURT after hitting a massive shot in overtime? How is this possible? How did nobody do anything about this? It appears that Dwight Howard would have totally done something about it, but unfortunately he had already gotten T'd up earlier in the night. 

Such an amazing reaction out of Dwight. We have Giannis out here bringing a little WWE-esque style entertainment to the game after celebrating a big shot and what does Dwight Howard want to do? Demonstrate his displeasure of the move by responding with quite possibly the most famous WWE finishing move of all time. And now I'm just devastated that we didn't get a chance to see this actually transpire. 

Could you imagine the scenes in South Philly if Dwight Howard ran out and hit Giannis with the SCS? It would be mayhem. Pandemonium. Bedlam. But unfortunately, Dwight already had a tech. 

Either way, I totally understand how and why professional athletes need to take moments like this so seriously just so they have something to fuel them moving forward. But when you're removed from the situation, it's hilarious. You've got a guy who all he did was sit on the court for like half a second and Dwight Howard wants to do this to the guy. 

Need Dwight vs Giannis at the next Wrestlemania. 

P.S. - I would like to Stone Cold Stunner Giannis for putting mustard on his cheesesteak.