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#NotNCAAProperty Is Trending On Twitter After A Bunch Of Guys In The NCAA Tournament Started Tweeting And Demanding NIL Rights

This was the first tweet I saw that really started it off. Geo Baker is a legit star for Rutgers basketball. He's currently sitting in Indianapolis and has tweeted a few things before this including with our guys from Bench Mob and Jordan Bohannon: 

All are completely fair. As JBo showed on Bench Mob, the NCAA handed them a bag with a bunch of body wash, deodorant and a blanket for making the NCAA Tournament. A real welcome here moment. Then Hunter Dickinson Instagram'd the first meal which is rightfully compared to Fyre Fest. Man, remember when that took over the world from a doc perspective a year ago? Anywho, this picture: 

 Fast forward to today and Baker put out that tweet. What really got the wheels in motion was the hashtag. Obviously it catches peoples eyes and rightfully so. It's not insane to think these guys deserve the right to profit off of name, image and likeness. Again, they aren't even asking for money from the school on top of their scholarship. They are asking for the right to use their name, image and likeness to make money. A bunch of guys started chiming in: 

Some of the biggest names in the sport. Some guys playing for the biggest schools in the NCAA Tournament. Walk-ons, players from all over the country banding together. Let me be clear about this. Good. If you complain that you have student loans and they don't because they are on scholarship, let me be frank. Shut the fuck up. I'll repeat. Shut the fuck up about complaining that you aren't good enough to get a scholarship of any kind and have to pay student loans. 

You also bring nothing to the school like athletes do. They are money-makers. What makes no sense is the fact that people who are on other parts of scholarship have every right to make money. If someone on a full academic scholarship wants to set up a tutoring company, guess what? They can. No big deal. No one gives a shit. If someone on a basketball scholarship wants to set up a basketball camp? They can't. How does that make any sense? Again, no one is asking the school to pay them more. Everyone is asking for them to have the right to make money on name, image and likeness. 

More importantly why do you care if they make money? Because they have a scholarship? Because they are better at basketball than you and are able to get a full scholarship? Who gives a shit? Seriously, I'd love someone to fully explain to me why they think players shouldn't profit off of name, image and likeness. 

The one that sticks out to me the most is Jahvon Quinerly. Jelly Fam took over the basketball world a few years ago, starting in NYC. You don't think they can profit off of that alone? They couldn't even trademark what they created because of NCAA violations. It's fucking insane. And spare me the 'they can go to Europe or G League if they want money.' Again, why do we put in all these extra rules specific to athletic scholarships? We don't say that about anyone else in the world. It's time to just stop giving a shit what people get paid. 

There are countless examples of people being fucked over by the NCAA. That's why I hope all these NIL bills that are going state by state force an issue faster than the NCAA itself. I ask again, why do you really give a shit if these players can make money on their own name, image and likeness? Again, we're not talking the school paying them money. We're talking a business paying them for use of their own NIL. So shout out all these guys for starting the conversation. It needs to be done already. 


That's all they are asking for. Again, read what they are asking for and tell me why you have a problem with that.