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Ryan Reynolds Just Watched 'Green Lantern' For The First Time Ever And Live Tweeted The Entire Experience


As a little St. Patrick's Day promotion for Aviation Gin - a liquor company Ryan Reynolds owns a stake in - Reynolds sat down and watched 'Green Lantern' for what was supposedly the FIRST TIME EVER and live-tweeted the entire experience.

For those confused as to why the star of a massive superhero movie would go nearly a decade without seeing said movie, to put it bluntly: 'Green Lantern' was one of the biggest pieces of shit ever made and he probably realized that and just stayed faaaar away from the final cut to avoid himself the embarrassment. 

I'm so glad he finally went back and gave it a watch, though, because he provided us some fantastic Wednesday night entertainment, if you're askin me....



This was my favorite one. Green Lantern was a straight-up CG bukkake. Just horrible on the eyes.


This is true. I'm sure some of these creeps are infuriated with me for not embedding pictures of Blake into this blog right now. 

Just google her name, folks! That ain't why we're here! 

Back to the bad superhero movie breakdown….


With the utmost respect, Ryan, it absolutely is the gin talking. 

Green Lantern is - again, respectfully - a catastrophe. It makes the DCEU movies look MCU-quality by comparison. 

Who knows, though; in this weird world of multiverses and different dimensions and crossovers, maybe Ryan Reynolds gets another shot at this one day and nails it.

He made Deadpool work after THIS….

….you know what I mean?

I doubt Reynolds even wants to go down that path, but the casting was definitely pretty good there, and I certainly wouldn't object to him gettin another crack at it. Give him a cameo in the HBO 'Green Lantern' series at the very least - c'mon!