Keep Your Chin Up, You're Probably Doing Better Than This Guy Singing Duets With His Fleshlight



The easiest way to be successful in life is to set the bar low.  I don’t know who the first person to say that was but they’re a genius because it’s true.  Zero expectations and zero goals makes life extremely easy.  I’ve done that and I’m pleased with where I’m at.  Set the bar wherever you know you can leap over it.  And guess what?  We’re officially setting the bar at, “Are you singing duets in the bathroom with a fleshlight?”  If you can answer “no” to that question then boom, you’re successful.  I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that makes about 99.9% of the people on planet Earth successful.  Take comfort in the fact that you’re better than at least one other person in this world.  I feel better already.



If this were a piece of art hanging in a museum it’d be called loneliness 


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