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Awful News As The Mavs Announce That Shawn Bradley Is Paralyzed After He Was Hit By A Car While Riding His Bike

Whenever you see a retired player trending out of the blue you hope for the best but expect the worst and hearing Shawn Bradley got paralyzed after being hit by a car is fucking tragic. Clearly we don't know the whole story of what happened but I don't know how you can accidentally hit a 7'6" guy riding a bike from behind all that easily. That may be coming from someone who immediately white knuckles his steering wheel when there are cyclists on the road and will go as far out of the way as possible when passing them on the street. But fuck man. Shawn Bradley's career always had kind of a sadness to it since he became the guy every player tried to dunk on because he was the tallest guy in a league full of tall guys. But playing in the NBA for 12 years, getting a role in Space Jam and being a member of the greatest team to never win the title (The MonStars) is a hell of a run for a guy that was kinda written off despite after being picked 2nd in the draft. Here's to a successful recovery for the big man.