Pilot BADLANDS McNALLY Was Arrested In Possession Of Over 100 LBS Of Meth

(ABC) - The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office arrested a man Tuesday night after they say he landed a plane at the R.L. Jones Airport in Jenks with 102.7 pounds of methamphetamine on board.

CBP asked agents to do a pilot certification inspection on the pilot, later identified as Badlands McNally, at the airport.

Just before 9 p.m., agents saw the plane land and move outside a hanger.

A deputy went up to McNally as he was opening his hanger and asked to see his credentials.

When the deputy asked McNally where he flew in from, he didn't respond. When he asked a second time, he told the deputy he'd flown in from Watonga.

The deputy asked if he had any drugs, guns, or bombs on the aircraft and he became nervous and defensive, according to the arrest report. McNally said "he was worried that he may get his head chopped off."

Agents found two large black duffel bags, carrying 102.7 pounds of meth, as well as two pistols and a rifle with multiple magazines behind the pilot's seat.

All things considered - and I very sincerely do mean ALL things considered - this feels like best case scenario being a pilot named BAD LANDS. Certain names should be illegal to hold specific professions. Goodlands McNally? I'm flying with that pilot 10 times out of 10, no questions asked. If I call an Uber and I see that Carcrash Jackson is en route to scoop me up I'm gonna bite the bullet on the $5 cancelation fee and order me another drive pronto. If LaMelo Ball was LaMelo Puck he goes undrafted, that's a fact. So the fact that John C. Reilly here only got caught with a couple duffle bags overflowing with crystal has to be viewed as a win. I'll take a smooth landing into immediate cuffs over a fiery plane crash in the middle of Tulsa any day. The "Badlands Lands Bad" headlines write themselves, and no one deserves to go out that way.