It Happened: Rico Bosco Vs. Doug Gottlieb On Thursday's (3/18) The Dozen

If you want fireworks, tomorrow's The Dozen will be supplying them... a slew of them, actually.

You could argue that the above clips aren't rather tame compared to a few of the outbursts, and back-and-forths they have with each other.

This isn't the first time Rico and Gottlieb have talked to each other...

But this Thursday's (LIVE at 10|9c in the morning, then immediately on-demand) match is a whole different ball of wax. Before the match, Big Cat convinced Rico that Mark Titus (friend of PMT, LCB, etc.) was joining their team for the College Hoops trivia match. But right as we began to record... Big Cat pulled off the duping, and we brought in Gottlieb

They despise each other. It's pure hatred. None of this shit was fake. It's tense and as real as it gets.



Also, I am NOT a Skell, and Rico, Big Cat, and I are on good terms.

Here is today's new The Dozen match…

…see you tomorrow.