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How Much Longer Do We, As A Society, Need To Wait Until Convertible Pants Come Back In Style?

We're nearing that time of the year when every outfit you choose to wear becomes a full blown gamble against Mother Nature. The mornings start off frigid, the afternoons and gloriously sunny and warm, and then the night ends on a rather brisk note. You check your weather app of choice in the morning and immediately start to assess the situation in your head. 

Do you go with the immediate warmth of pants in the morning but then risk sweating your balls off as the day goes on? Do you anticipate that warmth later in the day by wearing shorts right out of the gate, but freeze your tits off in the morning? If only there was a way where you could alter your attire as the day goes on and the weather fluctuates. 

Oh wait. There is. Or…at least there was. 

I feel like humanity peaked during the era of convertible pants. Life was just better back then. People weren't so quick to be a bunch of dickfaces back then. There was no cancel culture. There wasn't someone rushing to get offended on behalf of others just to score some clout points on the internet. The world was a better place. And I think that having the ability (and the style) to easily zip your pants into a pair of shorts played a major contributing role. 

40 degrees in the morning? No biggie. Just keep those legs nice and toasty with the full pant. But if you're heading out to lunch with some pals as that sun is beating down some delicious 70 degree rays your way? Bam. Zip those bad boys off and turn them into a pair of shorts. Not only do you stay cool in the warm weather, but you also get to work on that calf tan before the summer rolls around. And then maybe after work you have a dinner scheduled at a fancy restaurant in town. All you have to do is zip those pants right back together to go along with your best AND1 graphic tee and you're looking like a million bucks. 

A pair of convertible pants, some Etnies shoes, AND1 graphic tee, perhaps an upside down visor or a Kangol hat. All things that need to come back eventually. But now more than ever, the convertible pants need to come back in style. They don't even need to be cargos, either, but it would be a lot cooler if they were.