Nate Solder Restructured His Massive Deal To Return To The Giants And Open Up A Bunch Of Cap Space (And Ensure He'd Have A Job This Season)

Nate Solder is coming back to the Giants at a reduced salary, Leonard Williams has been re-signed to a multiyear deal, and the Giants actually have cap space to use on veterans that may be discounted after the first 48 hours of negotiating on the open market. Don't let Dave Gettleman get hot!

Okay, so Nate Solder was going to cost the Giants the same amount of money whether he restructured his deal or was cut in a few months and probably knew it'd be easier to find work in 2022 by proving in 2021 that he's better than he was since 2018. But all Solder has to do this season to make me happy is be better than Cam Fleming, which shouldn't be THAT hard even for a guy that was as bad as Solder has been during his time with the Giants, and simply having a lower cap number makes me feel better not as bad about Solder as I did in the past. By all accounts he's a great guy in the locker room, has been a good player on the field in the past (mostly in his pre-Giants days), and let's be honest if he didn't return to Big Blue he would probably end up back with the Patriots where he would somehow regain his form right as they made a push to the Super Bowl, which would've driven us all bananas.

Let's be clear that the contract was still an outright disaster and if Solder didn't opt out of last season, he would be an ex-Giant right now as the Giants sorted through a whole bunch of decent O-Linemen who have been cut as everyone's cap tightened up due to the covid for a swing tackle. But I'll gladly take Solder back at a discounted rate as he tries to play for his next contract while also hoping he ends up with front row seats on the bench watching Matt Peart dominate the Right Tackle position while helping out a crazy young offensive line with an O-Line Coach that just got hired from college. This may not be a massive win for the Giants but it sure as shit isn't a loss, which is about as close to a win as the Giants get these days. Now let's go spend some of that money to get Daniel Jones a receiver and a guard along with an EDGE for Patrick Graham.

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