We Already Have the Best Home Run Celebration of the 2021 Baseball Season

It's only March 17, but Tennessee's Jordan Beck has set the bar pretty damn high for the most disrespectful and awesome home run celebration of the season. I'm not sure it can be topped.

After hitting a walk-off home run in the 10th inning to beat East Tennessee State on Tuesday night, Beck obviously flipped his bat, but that's not even that cool anymore. Everybody flips the bat on every dinger now. But Beck decided to use the batter's box as his own personal locker room, taking off nearly everything he had on short of his pants and flinging it towards UT's dugout.

You can still do a cool bat flip, but I'm not going to get excited unless you start tossing pieces of equipment before you take your trip around the bases. I'd suggest not doing this unless it's a walk-off home run, however, as actions similar to this with another at-bat upcoming might result in a test of how protective your helmet actually is.

My only quibble with this entire situation is that my close friend and esteemed colleague Jared Carrabis admitted that this is a Bat Flip of the Year candidate, had his tweet in all caps and only rated it a BFG of 8.8. If this doesn't get into the 9s, I don't know what does.

Regardless, Jordan Beck has set the standard for the 2021 season. College baseball is the best.