John Mayer Declares That Saturdays Are Still For The Boys While Blowing Shit Up With His Assault Rifle

Oh, John! You trickster! I thought for sure John Mayer was about to rip some rounds down range with his trusty lib AR-15. But nope, it was one of those joke guns that just make farts noises. Shame. I like following ole John Mayer on TikTok though. He's extremely versatile. From trending type videos to guitar lessons, there's something for everyone... unless, of course, there's a big ole dump in your pants. 

It's pretty clear that John Mayer is over his douche phase and has turned into one of the fellas. Just a laid-back bro with velvet pipes and a firm grip on his guitar's neck. 

I've been playing the guitar loosely for about 15 years and haven't gotten any better in like 13 years. John Mayer makes me wanna play the guitar better. Alas, I will give that absolutely zero effort. 

I honest to god don't know how you could watch that last one and not wanna fuck John Mayers brains out. He's just so smooth with it that youd have to think it would transfer to his dick, right? I think he could slide that dick all-around some guts just like he does his fingers when he's playing that C Sharp Minor. Incredible.

What a loveable, talented goofball.