We Will Never See An NCAA Tournament Moment Cooler Than Kris Jenkins For The Championship

I felt like I was taking crazy pills on the Dog Walk this week. It wasn't a surprise that we saw a bunch of moments go in the first round and I sat with the last spot in the first round. I couldn't believe it. Chief taking Christian Laettner No. 1 overall fine. Chief is also a hockey guy. It's actually shocking Chief isn't a Duke fan with the whole Notre Dame football, good hair, prep guy. He SCREAMS Duke. Probably why he said 'everyone loved Shane Battier' and thought K wasn't a villain in the late 90s/early 2000s. But I'm not here to talk about K as the best villain, everyone knows that already. 

 I love the Dog Walk snake draft for this reason though. People draft based on their preference (and another p word). 

My favorite category by far in this week's Dog Walk was moments. It's what the NCAA Tournament is all about. Shit, there's a reason it's called One Shining Moment. 

Like any good drafter, I sat there the night before prepping. Broke it all down by category on my yellow notebook and by far moments was the deepest category. You could talk about Jimmy V running around for a hug. You could talk about the Webber time out. You could talk about the Laettner shot. You could talk about crazy comebacks while you were sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings without a wallet. Yes, Jimmy V was in the title game, but he's a coach. 

Really the debate came down to the Laettner shot vs the Jenkins shot. Let me tell you the major difference right off the bat. One of those won the goddamn championship. One was an Elite Eight game. Shouldn't have to defend it more than that, but if we really need to. You have the controversy of Laettner should have been ejected vs all the feel good story of Kris Jenkins. He played against his brother Nate Britt from UNC. You had the Jay Wright bang moment. You had Daniel Ochefu mopping up the floor before the play. You had the Marcus Paige shot right before this to tie it up and honestly Nova loses this game in OT. 


And then you had the guy who tied the moment all together. The confetti guy. After Jenkins, no one is more important to this moment than the confetti guy. He shot off the streamers at the EXACT perfect time. There was no need to clean it up. You had Nova celebrating. You had the simple yet perfect call from Nantz. 'Jenkins for the championship…YESSSS.' You had the onions call from Raft. 

The fact that this fell to the 6th pick is wild. This is the NCAA Tournament. This is the greatest moment that we'll never see again.