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Should We Be Freaking Out About Cam Newton Appearing in 60 Year Old Photo with James Brown?

Say what you will about Cam Newton. Lord knows, he's had his supporters and his detractors. Even as we speak, the jury is very much out as to whether he can throw a football as he once did. But want him on under center on your team or not, you have to be impressed with this. 

Name me another quarterback who can suddenly appear in a random old photo standing alongside the Godfather of Soul from probably 50 or 60 years ago. Sure, you might argue it's just a lookalike. But do that thing they always do in crime dramas where you lean over the computer and tell whoever is at the keyboard "Enhance. ... Enhance. ..." and you'll see that's no mere lookalike. That's not a doppleganger. That's 100% pure Cam. Right down to the Superman physique. Besides, you know as well as I do that if he was backing up James Brown back in the day, that's exactly how he'd dress and how he'd style his 'do. Combed back on the sides. Poofy bangs. That's him. 

What the explanation could be is open to conjecture. Time jumping, perhaps. Maybe a Quantum Leap scenario. It could be astral projection. I'm not ruling out immortality. Because frankly I think if the average guy possessed any of these powers and could use them to travel to any time and place, hanging out with James Brown in his dressing room would have to fall somewhere in the Top 100. 

Regardless, if you're going to choose a QB1, there's a lot worse criteria to go by than the ability to bend space and time. So let's not be too hasty on this "the Patriots need another quarterback" talk until we get this straightened out. I think Belichick would appreciate this skill, given that a couple of years ago, he got booed at a Minnesota Timberwolves game he didn't even go to

I can relate to. But at least their identical lookalikes are actually human. 

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