Brazil's Miss BumBum Contestants Use Their Firm, Round, Oiled-Up, Perky Platforms (Butts) For The Greater Good

Via TMZ:

The stars of Brazil's 2021 Miss Bumbum competition are trying to draw attention to the importance of getting vaccinated ... by drawing even more attention to their assets.

The curvy candidates have tattooed their booties with "vaccinate here" as part of an initiative put in place by the organization running the contest.

..So, the women vying for the title of Brazil's most beautiful butt are urging fans to get their shots, with one candidate saying, "We want our vaccine in the butt … we want everyone to be vaccinated."

Vaccine in the butt? So long as the doctors also provide a nice meal & pinky-swear to call me the next day I guess I'm ok with it. And no doubt they're out there doing the Lord's work in Brazil, especially considering:

…over the past month, the South American nation has blown past a series of grisly milestones, repeatedly setting new records for most Covid-19 deaths per day. In the past week, it set another record: 12,818 new deaths and more than 464,000 new cases, according to Johns Hopkins University figures

So by all means - if you feel inspired, turn the other cheek and vacine aqui like contestant Vanusa Freitas is asking you to:

While you're scrolling, here's some of this year's other contestants out of the 27 participating from each state:



Some fun facts about Ms. Lunna, btw - she's known for 'sunning her vagina' and once asked Pope Francis to bless her nude photo spread. She's got my vote:


And lest we forget, the last time Miss BumBum hit the news it was for a stage fight over 2018's #FakeButtGate scuffle:

Which was probably one of the best day's of this guy's life:

Nice to know that this time, whether they're real or fake, these models are using their bums for the good of mankind.