Maniac Frankie Explaining the Hardcock Tollbooth Is The Hardest I've Laughed In A Long Time


You know when you'll see a clip on your timeline and you'll skip over it? And then you'll see it RT'd and you'll stop for a second, but forget about it. But then you'll see it a 3rd time and you'll be like "alright, what the fuck is this clip that I keep seeing?" and you click play? Well boy, I am glad I did. Frankie and Trent joining KFC radio to talk about their "Hardcock Tollbooth" hypothetical is so fucking funny I had to get it onto the blog. Frankie is just a crazy person, but the way he can paint a vivid picture, with such clear imagery about any situation is so good, he's like a Picasso discussing the Hardcock Tollbooth. It's well worth the watch (on 1.25x speed, of course):



Frankie is my favorite lunatic on the planet. Thank goodness I discovered him in a pizza shop.

And yes, I stole the thumbnail from a different video. 



You can listen to the full episode of KFC Radio here: