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Unit 731 Is The Most Fucked Up Thing From World War II You Never Learned About In School

It's amazing what the books and schools choose to leave out when deciding what should be taught and what should be common knowledge in history. I am certainly not a historian or expert in any particular time frame, but I do love history and consume a lot of history related content. It is VERY rare that I come across something about Unit 731. I feel like the Pacific Theatre is just used to bookend the entire war. Pearl Harbor...a ton of shit about Hitler and the Nazis, dropping the A-bombs on Japan and poof that's it. Sailors coming home to ticker tape parades and chicks looking like Kate Beckinsale waiting to make out in the street. We never learned about the atrocities that happened in the Pacific. We barely know anything about what our military did against Japan and we DEFINITELY don't know what Japan did to China when they invaded in 1931. 

This Unit 731 needs to be common knowledge even if it causes me to get sick to my stomach mid-recording. I am firm believer that people need to understand and appreciate how bad humans can truly be to one another in order to have the proper sense of gratitude for how we are today(which is not say things are perfect or that we shouldn't be striving to create a more perfect world, but we should definitely appreciate the fact that things have never been better). 

In this episode of Dogwalk, Eddie and I talk about things that were done to Chinese citizens by the Japanese military at Unit 731. Just run of the mill stuff like doing surgeries on living people with no anesthetic and intentionally giving people frost bite and then trying to "treat" that frost bite by throwing hot water on bodies so frozen that when you hit their arm with a stick it sounded like two pieces of wood hitting each other. Absolutely fucking horrifying...have yourself a listen because you should