Dave Portnoy Calls The Play Barstool App "The Best Game We Got". Make Picks Now & Win $7500 TODAY


His words not mine. Best part of the Play Barstool app is the variety of games we have going on. Today Dave was promoting the DDTG game, right now the grand prize is $25,000, last week a stoolie was THIS CLOSE to winning $20,000 

We have the NFL Pigskin Parlay, Stool Streams of course & RNR which a Stoolie college won $25,000 a month ago

and coming soon we have a new sport specific game, the only clue I can give is 

Today at 2pm we have Stool Streams & the biggest jackpot in Triple S history, you may say "this is dumb who watches this shit" to which I would answer "it takes 60 seconds or less to make your picks, it's free to play and you can win $7500 but if you're rich enough to not care about $7500 congratulations" 

Go make your picks now, the contest closes at 2:15pm