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Is This The Greatest Mural Cast Of Characters Of All Time? I Say Yes

What you're looking at here is the wall inside the Boss Burger Company in VIC, Australia.

Just an incredible array of talent in this piece of art. 

Let's start top left-

At first I thought this was Jax from Sons of Anarchy which got me pumped but upon reviewing the tweets it turns out it's actually Conor McGregor. Not the best rendition of him but I bet Robbie would still get harder than a railroad spike in the North Pole if he walked in and saw it.

Below him you've got my man Silvio Dante aka Miami Steve looking over the shoulder of a young and voluptuous Beyonce. Or he's looking down Queen B's blouse. Can't tell.

Over Beyonce's shoulder you've got Heath Ledger's Joker, a clear no-brainer when you're looking to do your own mount rushmore of talent in your burger joint. 

Above him? The Batman. Obviously.

Over his left shoulder, you've got the classic crooked stare of the one and only Paulie Walnuts.

Below him, and draped on the shoulder of Tony Montana, you've got Cardi B. 


I dunno, but he's there. Front and center.

(sidebar- this mindfuck of a picture got me thinking when they remake Scarface, because you know they're going to because Hollywood sucks, that there's no way they don't cast this gremlin to play Michelle Pfeiffer's role)

Above the bad guy? The Rock aka Chirs Vaughn from Walking Tall (a very underrated action flick).

Next to him, you've got Eminem and we're officially so far off the rails of association I admit I have no clue what's going on. 

To Em's left, you've got The Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen which I respect the fuck out of. Beauty and power, perhaps never a better embodiment of the two in cinematic history. 

Which leads us to our final two characters, who are also allegories for power, Walter White and Tony Soprano. 

Come to think of it, the right side of this mural might be the greatest Big Three I've ever seen.

If you had Daenerys, Walter White, and Tony Soprano on the same team who's beating you? 

Really think about that, they've got every angle covered. They're smarter than anybody, more ruthless than anybody (aside from a Sons of Anarchy character), and more successful. 

p.s.- so looks like this might have originally been destined to be an all Sopranos mural before the artist or the commissioner requested some changes. And thank God they did

p.p.s. - only mural on this one's level is the famous Olympics one from a couple years ago