Shams Charania Scooped The Everliving Shit Out Of Adam Schefter And Ian Rapoport By Breaking That Jameis Winston Was Re-Signing With The Saints

I may be a Woj guy until the day I die but holy fuck do I love Shams invading sports like some Soviet general invading Eastern European countries without a care in the world.

Like any warmblooded American, I love the NFL offseason. I love convincing myself that a couple of B-level free agents will fix everything wrong with my team, losing my mind about the average value of a contract while ignoring how little of the money is actually guaranteed, and of course the source wars. Adam Schefter vs. Ian Rapoport has been an insider heavyweight battle for so wrong, I actually can't imagine one without the other. 

So to see Shams drop in with his own bomb, or at least grenade since I don't think Jameis going back to the Saints is exactly a nuke, was beautiful to see. Schefty dipped his toe into the NBA waters once upon a time and Allen Robinson decided to dabble into the NBA scoop business.

Shams let them know that aggression would not stand and struck back. Whether this was just a warning shot or a sign of things to come remains to be seen, but I hope Jameis Winston is the Archduke Ferdinand of an outright World Scoop War. Not just because that is a ridiculous thing to see in a sentence but because if Shams is breaking NFL signings, you know Woj won't be far behind dropping bread crumbs with his fancy thesaurus which teams have a laser on Trent Williams. And once the NFL becomes fair game for all insiders, that's when we get shit like Jeff Passan breaking where Kenny Golladay will sign, which will lead to glorious scooping madness throughout all sports with no rules or restrictions on who can break what. And the biggest winners if all that happens are schmucks like me who live on Twitter for every tidbit about who is going where.