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A Bunch Of The Top Refs Got Sent Home From The NCAA Tournament Because They Went To Dinner Together And Someone Tested Positive For COVID

Well, here's a new wrinkle into this year's Tournament. Six top refs - out of just the 60 that were sent there, just got sent home because 1 tested positive for COVID and went to dinner with the other 5. Actually, let me be more specific. They went to dinner because the rooms weren't ready and they didn't have food at the hotel. Seems like everything is going swimmingly. How exactly aren't the rooms ready? You know this is the NCAA Tournament right? Feel like the hotels should have been prepped for quite some time. 

You know these names too. TV Teddy. John Higgins. Two guys that people just can't stand watching a game. TV Teddy has the nickname for a reason meanwhile Higgins and his fluffy hair just thinks he's the shit. I can't stand watching him dominate the whistle during a game. Refuses to let the boys play. 

But now I have questions. These guys reffed conference tournament games. We should hold our breath for a day just to make sure a positive test doesn't pop up there. Again, the NCAA has been pretty open about the fact that if teams are following protocols a positive test won't remove them from the Tournament. It will just be that player. My second question - who the hell comes in and refs these games now? They gotta scramble to find 6 refs, get them in and quarantined. 

What a fucking day in college basketball man.