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Ringo Starr Might Be The Youngest Looking 80-Year-Old Man On The Planet

Just as I was starting to get really exhausted with the (egregiously long) GRAMMYs last night, and contemplating turning it off/going to bed, we got an amazing surprise presenter for the final award of the night, 'Record of the Year' - Sir Richard Starkey, Ringo Starr!

I popped huge in our living room (like I'd just seen my favorite wrestler come out as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble), and immediately noticed how great the ol' guy looked! 

I mean - he's EIGHTY YEARS OLD - but from these photos below? I wouldn't guess he's a year over sixty! 

Sure, there's probably a little makeup and hair dye involved, but shit - there's definitely some natural youth in those genes, too! 

Plus, you tell me I could look like that when I'm 80?! I'll do whatever the hell Ringo's doing too! Whatever it involves? I'm in.

Paul don't look too shabby himself at 78….

They're still cool as they ever were in my eyes. Absolute legends.

P.S. Check out this video from Ringo's Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction where some of the best drummers in the world pay their respects to Ringo….