Nothing But Respect To This Soccer Ref Who Pissed His Pants Before A Game In Brazil

Mirror - A referee relieved himself in the centre circle after being caught short seconds before the start of a cup match in Brazil.

Denis da Silva Ribeiro Serafim elected to pee in his pants - without pulling his shorts down - as he was being filmed on TV.

He did it so discreetly that the commentator failed to pick up on the extraordinary moment as he introduced the match official and two linesmen just before the start of the Copa do Brasil meeting between Boavista and Goias on Thursday. But eagle-eyed viewers noticed the telltale urine running down the ref’s leg and the footage started going viral as the match was being played.

Here's a fun little story about a guy named Wayne Gretzky (maybe you've heard of him before). It was game 2 of the 1987 Canada Cup Final between team Canada and the Soviet Union. The first game of the series went to overtime and the Soviets ended up winning 6-5. So the Canadians needed to win game 2 in order to force a third and final rubber match. The game is in double OT and Wayne Gretzky is sitting on the bench as he gets the urge to urinate. It's 2OT of a must-win game which is considered to be one of the greatest hockey games ever played. The Great One didn't have the time or the desire to leave the ice and head to the locker room to relieve himself. So he does what any legend would do in that moment. Buddy rocks a piss directly in his pants mid-game. 

What does he go out and do next? Gets his 5th assist of the game as he sets Mario Lemieux up for the game winning goal in double overtime. Canada would go on to win game 3 again by a score of 6-5, thus being crowned the greatest hockey team on the planet. All because 99 pissed his pants in game 2.

So why am I telling this story right now? Well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find the parallel here. Clearly this ref takes his job pretty fuggin' seriously. Clearly this ref realizes that the game is more important right now than his need to rock a piss in privacy. Typically pee goes in toilet, sure. But sometimes you have to battle some adversity. Sometimes life throws a few obstacles your way, and it's all about how you overcome said obstacles. This ref decided that pissing his pants was the move and I have all the respect in the world for a man that decisive. Gretzky, Miles Davis, this Brazilian soccer ref. 3 of the most elite pants pissers there ever were.