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Woody Harrelson Watches Season 2 Of True Detective In Youtube Mashup Video

Hilarious. The perfect mashup really. From Woody’s reactions to the little clips they chose to splice on to the TV to the dialogue at the end:

“You shouldn’t have this”

“Nobody should have this”

This disaster of a season is crawling to the finish line, and whats interesting is that HBO is almost acknowledging that nobody likes it, but promises that the ending will salvage everything:

President of HBO programming Michael Lombardo says “I think you need to watch the entirety of it,” he cautioned. “I think the season’s ending is as satisfying as any series we’ve done.”

This is the new hot thing on the internet when something sucks. That you have to wait until its absolutely over before you can pass any sort of judgment. People seem to think comparing it to a book is the right way to address the criticism. “You wouldnt judge a book before finishing it, would you?” Yes. I would. I’ve put down plenty of books that have lost my interest if the middle is shitty. Bottom line is a week to week TV show – even one thats an 8 episode mini series – is going to get judged week to week. Because we’re talking about 1 hour every Sunday. Its not like during an individual episode people are like “This first 15 minute fucking sucks I’m not watching the rest of the episode.” They wait all week for a show, watch for an hour, and then say it sucks. Thats completely fair. You judge your team’s performance game to game you judge a million things in your life before its completely and totally finished. Maybe your opinion changes, maybe it doesnt, but get out of here with this notion that I cant comment on something until its completely finished. If the beginning and middle sucks and the end is good, then I’ll say that.

I actually DO think the final episodes will be good. I’ve heard some thoughts that Tim Riggns might be in on everything, which would be pretty cool. Ultimately I dont know if there will be a big “twist” like that but this season has been so pointless and meandering you’d have to imagine they have a big fireworks finale planned for episodes 7 and 8. Regardless as I’ve said before 1 or 2 good episodes doesnt erase the fact that this show has been shitty all summer but I do expect this season to finish strong.