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According To The Grammys, Jay Z And Beyonce's 9-Year-Old Daughter Had The Best Music Of 2020

Source - Beyoncé’s music video for “Brown Skin Girl”, featuring her daughter Blue Ivy Carter and WizKid, won the Grammy for Best Music Video. At the age of nine, Blue Ivy is the second youngest artist ever to win a Grammy.

The Video: 

Yeah, I get it. The video itself wasn't anything special but given everything that's gone on over the past year it makes sense. She also wasn't really in it, right? Like she had a few cameos at the beginning and at the end but other than that it was just a Beyonce music video. Who, by the way, tied and then beat the record for most Grammy wins ever. Here she is not giving a shit about the moment... 




Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the way the ceremony went. I was looking for a reason to hate it, but I couldn't. Trevor Noah did a great job, Taylor Swift killed it, Dababy was awesome. Then there was Cardi, Meghan, the three chicks who looked like Hanson- everyone did a fantastic job. Even the background singers tore it up…

Hopefully next year at this time we'll be able to have award actual audiences at our award shows. Part of me feels like those days are over but I'm holding out hope. Regardless, congrats to Blue Ivy on the Grammy! Earned not given.