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Add Gregg Popovich (Who???) To The List Of IDIOTS Who Think Ben Simmons Is Elite

Wait...Ol' Geezer Gregg Popovich said Ben Simmons isn't already so good, or even great...but ELITE??? HAHAHAHA! Oh boy, that's fresh! And he also insinuated Ben has so much room to grow cause he's only 24-years-old! What an IDIOT! Somebody call the GEEZ patrol in #THISLEAGUE!!! Now, in Pop's defense he did say this BEFORE Ben Simmons faced his Spurs and put up...checks notes...ONLY 14 POINTS! What a pathetic weenie, that Mr. Balloon Hands!!! I don't care if Ben basically didn't play the entire second half because he led his team to be up by 40 in the third quarter over the playoff bound Spurs...14 POINTS! BWHAHAHA!!! 

More like Gregg POOP-ovich...amiright?!?!? Seriously! What has this guy done lately? Win his 5th NBA title in 2014! HA! I don't care if Gregorious POOPOVICH regarded as one of the greatest basketball minds of all-time! Mr. Balloon Hands is NOT elite! Give me Dejounte Murray, Devonte Graham, Conley etc etc etc or give me death! I only trust the real ones for my NBA takes in #THISLEAGUE who ALWAYS get it right!