Stop Me If You've Heard This Before, Trevor Bauer Has Been Warned By MLB For Uniform Violations

Another day, another example of Trevor Bauer making people mad. This time the people who are mad are in the MLB offices, and it's because of Bauer's undershirt and belt. Yes, you read that correctly. He had gotten into it with MLB last season when he wanted to wear cleats supporting Joe Kelly after the incident vs the Astros last year, MLB shut that down REAL quick and Bauer wasn't happy at all. He's all about promoting a players personal brand, which I can get on board with, but MLB shoots that stuff down super quick. Because like Bauer posted in his tweet, MLB is being ran ass backwards when it comes to promoting their stars so the players themselves try to do it but then they get busted for it when they try to do promote themselves. It's an exhausting back and forth though. 

If you click on the tweet you can see the pictures he was shown from the league offices and I mean what are we doing? The logo on the undershirt is insane to flag. You can look at 2-3 different guys on any given team and if they don't have their jersey buttoned all he way up you can see their logo. Manny Machado has done it for a while, a lot of other players have their logos sneaking out too. It's a pretty common thing actually. The belt is a laugh out loud funny violation too. It's a fucking belt, the logo is the size of a quarter, is this really what MLB needs to worry about right now? I get that there is a uniform code and all that, but it's also spring training. I understand Nike and New Era pay a ton of money to have their logos on the uniforms, but if a player has his own company he can't have his tiny logo on a belt that no one even sees? As pointed out in the letter he was sent, he's worn the belt 3 times this spring and he was told he will be fined if he keeps wearing it. My guess is Bauer keeps doing this to try and make a point.

This may be MLB making an example out of Bauer. They probably knew that he was going to be doing stuff like this because this is what he does. Bauer finds a way to inject himself into storylines or into the public eye, so this is bringing him back to the forefront. With social media, vlogs, and all the other stuff players are involved in now with their personal brands, this isn't something going away anytime soon. More players are going to be having their own logos for merch, shows, podcasts, everything. These guys want to grow their own brand so they're going to want to promote it. What happens if Bauer gets his logo tattooed on his neck? Will they make him cover it up like Gortat in the NBA with his Jordan tattoo? It's gonna reach a breaking point because these guys are branching out and promoting themselves since MLB doesn't have any plans for doing it.

Also, Michael Hill, the SVP for on-field operations seems like a ton of fun at parties. I understand he's just enforcing the rules, but that can't be a fun thing to have to do.