Maryland is a 10...Let's Beat UCONN!!!!


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And BOOM. There it is. After one of the more up and down years of Maryland basketball filled with big wins vs tournament teams Wisconsin, Illinois, Purdue, and Michigan State but also bad losses vs the likes of Penn State, Northwestern, and Indiana, Maryland made the tournament and punched a 10 seed, facing off against UCONN in the first round.

I would love to beat UCONN. They are everyone's darlings right now. Big East blah blah blah. Well I am so sick of hearing about them. I want a repeat of the 2002 semi-final where Juan Dixon dropped 27 and sent home Caron Butler on the way to our national championship.



I guess it's a little different this time- Maryland doesn't have a stud PG like Steve Blake or dominant big men like Lonny Baxter and Chris Wilcox…nor player of the year Juan Dixon either. But that's ok. This team is scrappy, has Defensive Player of the Year Darryl Morsell, and can get hot from beyond the arc at a moment's notice. 

But if you watched the Michigan game, you also know this team can give up huge runs and completely let the game slip away- we saw similar in the Iowa blowout as well. 

If we can get by the Huskies, a matchup between Alabama or Iono awaits. Might as well go for it and make a Sweet 16, I don't see why not.