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I Can't Believe Another UFC Fight Just Ended With An Illegal Knee After Last Week's Conundrum

Just as Eryk Anders was closing in on the finish over Darren 'The Dentist' Stewart tonight, after dominating the majority of the fight, he did one of the most shocking things I could imagine, and threw an illegal knee that landed on the skull of his grounded opponent.

Now I know you're probably thinkin, "One of the most shocking things you could imagine?! Don't be so dramatic!" - but this is coming literally ONE WEEK after the most egregious, controversial, talked-about illegal knee in the history of the sport....

How is that not fresh on your mind?! It'd be like someone tarring the shit outta their bat in the game after the George Brett incident. Maybe just lay low for a sec with the cheating.

Stewart wanted to continue, but the ringside doctor took one look into his eyes and said that'd probably be a bad idea, so Herb Dean called the fight. He ruled it a no contest, though, which seemed bizarre after Petr Yan got disqualified for what was essentially the same thing last week. 

Everyone was confused about that, though, seemingly even Herb Dean....

Anders threw (and missed) an illegal knee that startled the commentary team right before landing the knee that finished the fight, too. 

If you see that and you're in his corner, how do you not spend the rest of the fight SCREEEAAAAMING "NO ILLEGAL KNEES!!!" at your fighter?!