Jordan Spieth And Collin Morikawa Talking About Rory Sabbatini After They Accidentally Hit Into Him Is Hot Mic GOLD

Everything and I mean everything about that video is incredible. Jordan Spieth teeing off on the 11th hole at THE PLAYERS accidentally hits into Rory Sabbatini which then leads to Spieth and Collin Morikawa talking shit about Sabbatini for a full two minutes. You simply can't ask for better access than that as a fan. Apparently on Wednesday this week the Tour sent out a text message telling players be mindful of what you say and do this week on the course because there's a camera on every hole and well that situation we just watched on the 11th tee box is exactly what they were talking about. Whoops! 

I don't wanna speak for everyone but I wish they hadn't sent out that text and we got a bunch more moments like that. That was a true look into the PGA Tour and the personalties of the guys involved and I can't get enough of it. The polished interviews pre and post round are deep, REM cycle snooze fests compared to that two minute clip. Spieth sarcastically saying, "I'm the reason he hit a bad shot" and then following that up with, "The good news is that he likes me. I'm one of the few people he likes" was a 100 outta 10 on the entertainment scale. AND THEN right at the end Morikawa starts talking about how he thinks Sabbatini is in love with his girlfriend. Incredible. I give that video an A++. Unfortunately every Tour player is gonna hear about that video and watch it and then it's gonna be CRICKETS on every tee box the rest of the way. Sad, but at least we got those 138 seconds of pure gold.