The IOC Awarded Beijing The 2022 Winter Olympics, Home Of 0 Mountains Or Natural Snow

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ABC - Throughout more than 120 years of Olympic history, no city has hosted both the winter and summer games. Now, Beijing will be the first do it — and in the span of just 14 years. The Chinese capital was awarded the 2022 Winter Olympics on Friday, beating Kazakh rival Almaty 44-40 in a surprisingly close vote marred by technical problems, taking the games back to the city that hosted the summer version in 2008. “It really is a safe choice,” IOC President Thomas Bach said. “We know China will deliver on its promises.” Beijing came in to the vote as the strong favorite, despite its lack of natural snow. Friday’s results means the Olympics will be held three times in a row in east Asia: the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, and 2022 in Beijing.  Beijing plans to use several venues from the 2008 Olympics, including the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. But the snow and sliding events would be at venues in Yangqing and Zhangjiakou, 60 and 140 kilometers (40 and 90 miles) outside Beijing. A planned high-speed rail line to Zhangjiakou is supposed to cut travel time to 50 minutes.


I have a few things to touch on about on this.

1) Might be obvious to some, but clearly the IOC is the next domino to fall after this FIFA guy goes down. Beijing just held the 2008 Summer Olympics and now is holding the 2022 Winter Olympics? Weird how that works out. 3 East Asian countries will be hosting the Olympics in a row? Weirrrrrd. Beijing won the Olympics despite no mountains and no snow? OKAY! Makes sense! When I think of the Winter Olympics, all I think about are mountains. Guess that’s not a necessity to host though. Might as well just have them in Phoenix and build the biggest indoor ski slopes of all time. Utopia type shit. I’m not going to be shocked in the least if by the time we die that’s a thing in the Olympics. Indoor skiing where they can design and manipulate how hard they want the slopes to be.

2) I love the idea of a rotating Olympics. Have it in Beijing every 14 years. Saves the rest of us a lot of headache. Because as we see now, nobody in any Democratic country wants the Olympics. But what if we knew they were going to be in the same city ever 14 years? Would make so much more sense. Rather than build 100 stadiums and arenas for just 1 month, they would be re-used and actually serve a purpose.

3) Great quote from the IOC President: “We know China will deliver on it’s promises”. YEA NO SHIT! We saw them deliver on killing a billion dogs in 2008. I’ll give China credit there, they don’t fuck around. Remember they had all sorts of curfews and Beijing was the most shiny and clean place on Earth because they kicked out all the poor people? Human rights, shmuman shmights. We know China will deliver because they’ll literally kill anyone who gets in their way. Which goes back to point 2, just let them keep hosting, they are really fucking good at it if you don’t care about all those other things.