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Love Is #BACK! A-Rod And JLo Say They Are Still Together Despite Reports That They Broke Up

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TMZ- Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez say reports of their demise as a couple have been greatly exaggerated -- well, maybe just exaggerated -- because they say they are still fighting to stay together … TMZ has learned. Both JLo and A-Rod tell TMZ, "All the reports are inaccurate. We are working through some things." We're also told what they're working through has nothing to do with a third party. Sources connected to the couple made it clear to TMZ and other outlets Friday … the couple had called off their engagement and broken up. We asked our sources with direct knowledge why we were all told they broke up, and we were told things were "bad" on Friday.

Look at J-Rod shooting down yesterday's Page Six report like it was a tweet by that human mush Bob Nightengale. Love isn't dead. In fact, it has never been more alive inside the souls of two ageless banshees! Okay, that may be a little extreme when two people say they are "working things out". But I am sincerely happy for my coworker, his fiance, and the people who rely on the love lives of complete strangers to give them happiness.

At the same time, I cannot put into words how happy I am knowing that I don't have to live and die with every report of the love lives of two super famous people who have been engaged a combined six times (which is more rings than Derek Jeter has FWIW) because they are co-owners of my favorite baseball team and a messy breakup would result in God knows how many more years of living in baseball limbo before a new owner inevitably bought the team after years of shit. Thank the heavens and stars for this beautiful man.

Speaking of beautiful, best of luck to the beautiful couple as they work on things. As much as I am happy they don't own the Mets, I have to admit something about this combo just feels right.

And that was your J-Rod Minute. See you guys tomorrow for the latest!




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