No, God. Not Joel Embiid And His Knee. Take Me Instead.

Sickening. Hopefully it's just anything from a tweak to a hyperextension and nothing really serious, but come on, man. The leg is not designed to go that way, especially for a monster like Joel Embiid. At least he was able to walk it off. Embiid is easily one of the most entertaining players in the NBA and is the legit front-runner for MVP. This shouldn't happen to any person or fanbase. And don't even give me a "Maybe Tony Bradley can step in like Nick Foles and take this team to the Promised Land". No. This isn't a joke and this isn't fair. The world needs a healthy JoJo. 

Regardless, this kinda shit happens in #ThisLeague and we all react accordingly, right? I suppose so. 

And for contrast, a more human response: 

UPDATE: Deep bone bruise. 2-3 weeks. Could be better, but could be worse. A lot worse.