Patrick Ewing Does Not Give A Shit What Bracketologists Say About Georgetown Or Their Silly Predictions

No disrespect to Seton Hall, I like Seton Hall. I'm ALL IN on Georgetown not just making the Big East title game but stealing a bid and winning the whole thing. Patrick Ewing coaching at Georgetown in the Big East in MSG and going on a run is AWESOME. I'm a sucker for my teams (the Knicks) and nostalgia. Right now I feel like we're combining the two, even to the point of James Dolan and MSG security getting involved again. 

This Georgetown/Seton Hall semifinal game was damn good too. Seton Hall fighting to get back to the right side of the bubble. Georgetown fighting to steal a bid. Georgetown gets up early, Seton Hall battles back and then the last few minutes were just huge. I still can't believe Mamu finished this

But then Georgetown responds with an and-1. Then they just exchange free throws before Georgetown gets a bunch of stops late. It was so damn impressive. I actually like this Georgetown team and I actually like Ewing as a coach. They always fight late in the year when they seem to be dead to right. This year it's paying off. Shit, look at how many guys they've lost to transfers - and no small names either. 


They are going to be dogs again tomorrow against UConn or Creighton, but they shoot well and Patrick Ewing apparently is going to pick a bone with every single human in the world to motivate his team. MSG security? Bracketologists? He doesn't give a shit. He's just winning games in the Big East Tournament right now.