Juwan Howard Got Ejected For Apparently Trying To Fight The Entire Maryland Bench During A Timeout

Fuck yes. We need more coaches getting into it during timeouts. All I know is Turg needs to be thanking the refs and Michigan staff for holding Howard back here. There might not be a bigger mismatch in a coach fight than Juwan Howard vs Turg. Shit, you could give me Juwan Howard vs the entire Maryland bench and I'd still take Howard. There's no doubt in my mind Howard would win any coach fight in America. It's him or Jerry Stackhouse. I just need to know what Turg/someone from Maryland said. They had some half-ass report on the show that there was some shit talking and then a coach or player said something that set Howard off. Gotta know what it was because Howard is relatively calm on the sidelines. The postgame press conference might be must watch. Good to see Maryland finally embrace being a Big 10 team and not an ACC team though. The transformation is now complete.